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The VitroFlo system is new, but its roots go back more than a decade. The system is a collaborative initiative of CellScale Biomaterials Testing and the Cellular MechanoBiology Lab at the University of Toronto.

Our mission is to impact human health by improving the drug development process and equipping basic science research. In drug development, we aim to improve candidate drug selection, reduce animal testing, and increase clinical trial success rates. In research, we aim to provide equipment for the study of cells in physiologically relevant conditions.

CellScale Biomaterials Testing was founded in 2005 at the University of Waterloo. The company specializes in mechanical testing instruments, tissue engineering bioreactors, and custom biomaterials research systems. CellScale became interested in microphysiological systems through customer requests for systems to culture cells under in vivo conditions.

CellScale brings 14 years of expertise in product development, manufacturing, and business to the VitroFlo product.

Craig Simmons and his team at The Cellular MechanoBiology Laboratory have long recognized that traditional cell culture systems poorly mimic the complex in vivo environments in which cell reside. With a staff of biologists, engineers, biomedical scientists, and physicists, they are using custom platforms to study brain, liver, and vascular tissues. Their proof-of-concept designs, experimental results, and expertise in cell culture methods have enabled and accelerated the development of the VitroFlo system.

Craig Simmons is a professor at the University of Toronto and the director of the Translational Biology and Engineering Program at the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research.

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